WhiteShirtBook.comThe White Shirt: Find Your Ideal Career with the Secrets Hidden in This Ancient Story is a book written by Micheal Alan Tate. The book was published in late December 2016 and required a companion website that had a “Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Design Your One-Page Career Strategy in One Week”. The project involved translating the look, feel, and utility of the book to a digital platform. was created on a WordPress platform to be responsive and enable the visitor to find out what the book is about, how the process works, and after registration use the strategies and downloads to help users along the path outlined in the book. We also did some video production and I participated in the PR strategy and social media for the book roll out and promotion.



The Gentlemen Nerds

The Gentlemen NerdsWho are the Gentlemen Nerds? Well, they’re four guys who know each other from various media endeavors, getting together to talk about geeky and nerdy things, mostly in the vein of entertainment…and they’re gentlemen about it.

The Gents are producing a sort of weekly podcast and asked me to help them with a web site that would showcase their work and publish it to the web, iTunes, and anybody interested in subscribing via RSS. It was really fun to set this up for them and we hope it grows like The Blob.

The Gentlemen Nerds

Michael Alan Tate

MichaelAlanTate.comCareer coach, consultant and strategist Michael Alan Tate asked me to help him develop a web site to showcase his speaking, consulting, and coaching business. The site incorporated a blog, email list building, and standards such as search, social media, and contact form.  As a published author, he wanted to offer his books via e-commerce and provide insight into the processes he employs to help people with work-life balance and career transitions.

Mike has invested the last 20 plus years helping successful executives and top professionals, who are facing organizational changes and personal transitions, designs smart strategies to move up, move over or move on in a purposeful way.  He also facilitates custom leadership succession processes and learning systems that work in tandem to support the growth of a culture where people can experience healthier careers and an organization can have healthier business results.

I also helped him with a new branded email template for his Leadership & Life journal and a branded Powerpoint template.

Britt W Hanson is a web site designed to showcase three e-books written by a lawyer and lay-scientist. The three books cover subjects from the development of altruism in human societies, directed creativity, and the genetic function of sexual reproduction in organisms. Britt says, “these books present theories of human nature, creativity, free will, and goal-directed causation.”

For this project, I created two book covers (books 2 & 3) for use on the web site and in digital publications and created the web site to help market the books.


I just want to say thanks very much for your work on my website. I’m very happy with it. It looks highly professional and suitably academic. ~ Britt W. Hanson, May 2013

Simple two page HTML site for reluctant author and tarantula fan Carolyn Swagerle. She wanted a very simple site to promote her book “The Legacy of Annie Rose” and receive email feedback from readers or other interested visitors.

It’s beautiful!  A perfect design! And you’re right. It’s what I wanted. Thank you so much for your help! Carolyn Swagerle

This WordPress site was designed for selective publishing to member groups and lead generation. Plugins were used to implement ecommerce, newsletters, and membership. Theme was a free theme with some modification for this client.

“I am the Founder and President of Aletheia Group LLC and starting my online business from scratch required an excellent website. Gayle not only provided my company with a first-class website, she also gave and gives me invaluable business advice. I consider Gayle one of the top members of my team. If you are looking for a web designer, look no further!” David Jeffers, September 27, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Several revisions to the blog were made in early 2012. These included the addition of BlogHer network ad code, a recipe plugin, and minor alterations to the sidebars and widgets. The owner anticipated a redesign sometime in the near future so the changes were conservative in nature.

In late 2012, Kim went with a friend’s design firm closer to her home in Alaska for a complete branding treatment and redesign. It was a pleasure to work with her for many years.

“I will miss the old site but I think this is a good change and I needed to freshen up and have a real logo. Thanks. You’ve been so great all these years and I continue to recommend you.” Kim Sunèe, 9/25/12

Below are images of the legacy versions of the blog and before that the flat HTML site. Overtime the project expanded from a flat HTML site to included a customized WordPress blog, ad units, Flash-based slide show and video editing for the web that included an embedded Silverlight player. (account no longer active)

“It looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work.” Kim Sunèe