first fruits ministries

first fruits enterprisesEntering a new chapter in the life of the first fruits ministry required a new and improved web site. The previous site was built years ago and needed to be modernized and made easier to use. I was pleased to continue working with them to improve their e-commerce and marketing capabilities while helping them maintain the flavor of the original site and branding.

The design is cleaner, more modern and built on a responsive platform that adjusts for mobile devices. They have a blog, an integrated shopping cart and newsletter capability. They also added social media. In addition, responsive email templates were created to reflect the new feel of the brand.

first fruits

Life & Style PR

Life & Style PRLife & Style PR, a division of Panorama Public Relations, wanted to revamp their web site to update the look, functionality, and incorporate more of their team’s personality. They wanted to feature the work they have done for clients and put a fashion-forward face on their digital presence. The site was made responsive and the content was expanded to focus on their strengths and services.

The colors used in the site were taken from the parent company branding to create a more familial relationship between the two companies. Professionally taken photos add style, personality, and punch to a homepage slider of messages about their business focus and strategy.

The new site includes features to enhance SEO, social media integration, video player, and Slideshare embedding. Since they were already on WordPress, they had a leg up on the site revamp. A few plugins were updated, and several were added to incorporate desired features.

A projects page features a thumbnail gallery of their work that can be built upon going forward. The blog is more prominently featured and will be added to much more frequently. Life & Style PR also allowed me to publish a guest post on sensory branding and the Oscar Mayer bacon scented alarm app.


Michael Alan Tate

MichaelAlanTate.comCareer coach, consultant and strategist Michael Alan Tate asked me to help him develop a web site to showcase his speaking, consulting, and coaching business. The site incorporated a blog, email list building, and standards such as search, social media, and contact form.  As a published author, he wanted to offer his books via e-commerce and provide insight into the processes he employs to help people with work-life balance and career transitions.

Mike has invested the last 20 plus years helping successful executives and top professionals, who are facing organizational changes and personal transitions, designs smart strategies to move up, move over or move on in a purposeful way.  He also facilitates custom leadership succession processes and learning systems that work in tandem to support the growth of a culture where people can experience healthier careers and an organization can have healthier business results.

I also helped him with a new branded email template for his Leadership & Life journal and a branded Powerpoint template.

Built on WordPress using a premium theme, this site is designed to facilitate communication among and between the women of  Oak Mountain Church. I helped their editorial committee with the setup, design, and function of the site. After some training, the committee is now responsible for the content and upkeep. The site includes plugins for recommending books, editorial flow, photo stream, security, SEO and other standard functions.

I had the privilege of helping my high school art teacher with his online portfolio. He needed something that he could easily maintain and add new artwork to as he wished. A WordPress site was created with plugins to provide some automation with social media and other e-commerce sites where he sells his work. He wanted a very clean, minimalistic design with a homepage slideshow.

Unfortunately, Charlie let the hosting lapse and has not renewed it since.

“Gayle was a student of mine in art many years ago. She was on top of things then and still is now. She listens and tries to accommodate the needs of the client. I am very satisfied with her work and will continue to use her services in website design and enhancement.” Phillip Charles Spear, September 23, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

This WordPress site was designed for selective publishing to member groups and lead generation. Plugins were used to implement ecommerce, newsletters, and membership. Theme was a free theme with some modification for this client.

“I am the Founder and President of Aletheia Group LLC and starting my online business from scratch required an excellent website. Gayle not only provided my company with a first-class website, she also gave and gives me invaluable business advice. I consider Gayle one of the top members of my team. If you are looking for a web designer, look no further!” David Jeffers, September 27, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Several revisions to the blog were made in early 2012. These included the addition of BlogHer network ad code, a recipe plugin, and minor alterations to the sidebars and widgets. The owner anticipated a redesign sometime in the near future so the changes were conservative in nature.

In late 2012, Kim went with a friend’s design firm closer to her home in Alaska for a complete branding treatment and redesign. It was a pleasure to work with her for many years.

“I will miss the old site but I think this is a good change and I needed to freshen up and have a real logo. Thanks. You’ve been so great all these years and I continue to recommend you.” Kim Sunèe, 9/25/12

Below are images of the legacy versions of the blog and before that the flat HTML site. Overtime the project expanded from a flat HTML site to included a customized WordPress blog, ad units, Flash-based slide show and video editing for the web that included an embedded Silverlight player. (account no longer active)

“It looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work.” Kim Sunèe

This site, in a WordPress blog format, has been through several iterations of the skin ranging from a customized template to something more off-the-shelf. Becky Sue and I have worked together for several years since I first moved her flat html site to WordPress. Recently I moved this site to a new host for better service and facilities.

“Gayle really listens to every request, and has recommendations for all steps of the process.
She has done a couple minor redesigns for my website and we’re planning a new phase with an additional website this fall.” Becky Sue Epstein, September 3, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity


The site has been through several iterations. Below is the design prior to August 2012.