Barbers Dairy

Barbers DairyIn September of 2013 I began an SEO improvement project on that has been implemented incrementally each month. The HTML site needed the basics of a sitemap, robots.txt, alt tags, meta tags, title tag editing, and recipe micro-formatting. Most recently, an internal search engine for the on-site recipes was added. Several scripts were evaluated, but the final choice was a Perl script that would return results within a page. The engine is initiated from a small form placed in the recipe sub-navigation.

During this project, the site was also moved to a new hosting provider and other updates made as needed including testimonial forms, on site and on Facebook, and Pinterest and Webmaster Tools verification. More improvements are planned as the project continues in conjunction with Reliable Ad Group.


The site was moved to a new host/developer and the site redesigned in 2015.


Michael Alan Tate

MichaelAlanTate.comCareer coach, consultant and strategist Michael Alan Tate asked me to help him develop a web site to showcase his speaking, consulting, and coaching business. The site incorporated a blog, email list building, and standards such as search, social media, and contact form.  As a published author, he wanted to offer his books via e-commerce and provide insight into the processes he employs to help people with work-life balance and career transitions.

Mike has invested the last 20 plus years helping successful executives and top professionals, who are facing organizational changes and personal transitions, designs smart strategies to move up, move over or move on in a purposeful way.  He also facilitates custom leadership succession processes and learning systems that work in tandem to support the growth of a culture where people can experience healthier careers and an organization can have healthier business results.

I also helped him with a new branded email template for his Leadership & Life journal and a branded Powerpoint template. was created to help advertise the availability of a 120 acre estate property in northeast Alabama in Fort Payne. The effort included domain name research, keyword optimization, image optimization, site construction, and launch. The site includes a contact form, map, image gallery, slider, and text description. is no longer active. Client let the domain go.

Panorama Public Relations
PRView.comPanorama Public Relations is a firm specializing in crisis management, issues management and public relations. Their clientele are from wide ranging industries—they have worked with firefighter Red Adair and Sex in the City’s Kristen Davis. Panorama also has a lifestyle division that specializes in marketing and promoting the products and services of companies that want to reach style-conscious consumers.

I was pleased to have helped them with this micro website and with maintenance and upgrades to their lifestyle group web site. This single page HTML/Javascript/CSS web site was intended to be visually compelling and highly connected to social media and geographic location. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the creative folks at Panorama.

Simple two page HTML site for reluctant author and tarantula fan Carolyn Swagerle. She wanted a very simple site to promote her book “The Legacy of Annie Rose” and receive email feedback from readers or other interested visitors.

It’s beautiful!  A perfect design! And you’re right. It’s what I wanted. Thank you so much for your help! Carolyn Swagerle