Yellow Bicycle Catering

This site was constructed on a WordPress backbone for a Birmingham, AL catering company owned by successful restauranteur George Sarris of  The Fish Market. The focus was to translate their print menu into a web site that would showcase menu items, engage visitors, and take advantage of SEO and search engine traffic. Features of the site include an image gallery, slideshow, contact form, Google analytics integration, location-based information, social sharing, and email signup widget. This work was performed in conjunction with Reliable Ad Group.

Analytics and Email Marketing

For most of my employers and some freelance clients, I have used various analytics software and email management systems to drive traffic, track site and email marketing performance, and maintain customer/subscriber relationships. Some of these I would highly recommend, others I would not. Currently, I am using Google Analytics, StatPress, Piwick, Weblog Expert, Pommo, Dada, and Vertex for various projects.